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After some years of hibernation, der Arche Acorn User Club (http://arche.arcsite.de/) organizes a user meeting again. The reason, and the topic, is of course the BeagleBoard.

The meeting takes place at the 13th march, 2011 in the Unperfekthaus, room 104, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18 in 45127 Essen. It start at 1:00 pm (UTC+1).

Detlef Thielsch (http://www.a4com.de/), producer of the BIK (BeagleBoard in a box) will be there, presenting the BIK as well as PhotoDesk 3.10. Steffen Huber (http://www.huber-net.de/), author of CDVDBurn and Herbert zur Nedden (http://www.gag.de/), editor of GAG-News, THE German RISC OS magazine will most likely also attend the meeting. Martin W├╝rthner (http://www.mw-software.com/) unfortunately can't come, but provides us with a BeagleBoard compatible demo version of ArtWorks 2. Currently we expect to have 4-5 BeagleBoard system to show.

The Unperfekthaus (http://www.unperfekthaus.de/) is an unique place with it's own, special rules.

1.) Every visitor pays 5,50 Euro, not at entrance, but at leaving the house. This fee includes a flatrate for softdrinks and coffee.

2.) Those how want to enter and leave multiple times would need to 9,50 Euro, athough there is no need to leave the house to eat. The Unperfekthaus offers a good buffet for as low as 5,50 Euro for a small dish up to 12,50 Euro for all-you-can-eat. These expenses will be paid the leaving the house, too.

We welcome every spontaneous visitor, but due to room constrains we want to ask everyone who intends to come with a computer to inform us via email (h.palmroth@gmx.de).

Updates to the meeting you will find at http://forum.acorn.de/ in the thread "!RiscOS & Arche Treffen am 19.03.2011 im UPH Essen".

PS: We would be glad if someone could provide us with a fullHD monitor which can deal with 24 pictures per second. Some Flatron models from LG, for example, accept a 24Hz signal at their DVI input.

Threads 1
Posts 3
  CORRECTION! Meeting takes places SATURDAY, 19th MARCH

I stated a wrong date for the meeting.


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