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X Windows Libraries for RISC OS

Information and libraries relating to running X Windows programs on RISC OS



XLib replacement library for RISC OS. ChoX11 allows X Windows programs to run as native RISC OS Wimp tasks. This means that potentially, many hundreds of X applications could be converted to run on RISC OS, filling in the gaps in the software base. The importance of this library should not be underestimated.

Source Access

ChoX11 is available from the Subversion server. ChoX11 requires DeskLib

Development Versions

There is no recent release at this time. For a current version, you should get the source from SVN. For use with GCCSDK and its autobuilder, you can build the 'chox11' package as per Using GCCSDK.


RiscXLib is a set of libraries and headers for the X Window System. It allows you to compile and link X clients either alongside ChoX11 or as regular X applications in which case they need an XServer to display on. This is a much updated version based upon the original by Leo White.

RiscXLib's libraries were built from CVS source, cross compiled using GCCSDK. Doing this yourself will enable use of ChoX11 in the same environment.

Once you have applied the patches, place the configuration file into the config/cf directory. Then

 make World CROSSCOMPILEDIR=/home/riscos/env/cross

"make Everything" or just "make" for subsequent builds, unless you want to rebuild everything from clean.


Leo White's homepage including RiscX, a RISC OS X Server, and the original RiscXLib.

GCC and GCCSDK pages

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