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Composition (AKA Compo) is a commercial image combining tool, with many processing capabilities. Originally published by [Clares], the program is now available from [APDL] and is maintained by its author, [Rob Davison].

Main features include:

  • Layering and dynamic 'adjustment layers'
  • Full bitmap editing and masking facilities
  • Shadows and texturising
  • Image processing including gamma, curves, brightness, saturation
  • Compo can be driven by scripts
  • Export as sprite, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Photoshop, EPS etc
  • Free transforms
  • Advanced 'smart' filtering and convolution with previews
  • Full text handling
  • Demo version available

Compo home page:

Mailing list:

[Jim Lesurf]'s Compo Clues:

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