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(DeskLib - C Wimp Library for RISC OS)
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==DeskLib - C Wimp Library for RISC OS==
==DeskLib - C Wimp Library for RISC OS==
===Development Versions===
There is no recent release at this time.  For a current version, you should [[DeskLib#Getting_the_source|get the source from SVN]].  For use with [[GCCSDK]] and its autobuilder, you can build the 'desklib' package as per [[Using GCCSDK]].
===7th May 2005 - DeskLib 2.70 release===
===7th May 2005 - DeskLib 2.70 release===

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DeskLib - C Wimp Library for RISC OS

Development Versions

There is no recent release at this time. For a current version, you should get the source from SVN. For use with GCCSDK and its autobuilder, you can build the 'desklib' package as per Using GCCSDK.

7th May 2005 - DeskLib 2.70 release

This version is 32-bit, and only suitable for compiling and linking with 32-bit compilers and libraries. DeskLib has been carefully designed to work properly with almost all combinations of RISC OS compilers and C libraries.

For more information about 32-bit, see RISC OS and 32-bit

DeskLib 2.70 can be downloaded from the downloads section.

Version History

Changes Since 2.60

  • Fix problematic debugging macro causing branch through zero
  • DeskLib is now entirely built with GCC. It remains compatible with various combinations of GCC/Norcroft/UnixLib/SharedCLibrary, and problems with varargs have been fixed.
  • All the examples have been checked and brought up to date.
  • Miscellaneous improvements from John Tytgat

Changes Since 2.52

  • Speed improvements to Wimp_Poll
  • Some missed non 32-bit code now fixed
  • Removed RISC OS 2 compatiblity code for Window_GetInfo which was causing problems
  • Corrected Nested Wimp API
  • Added extra wimp flag colours - this may require changes in your code
  • Import Backtrace functionality from Desk

Changes Since 2.50

  • Misc type handling improvements
  • Additonal GFX functions for clipping and colour setting
  • Various new Sprite functions
  • Misc warning fixes in the build
  • Fix register handing in Sprite_GetUser

Changes Since 2.40

  • Some new font handling calls - ColourTrans_SetFontColours, Font_GetWimpFont
  • Signedness fixes for string handling
  • Correct termination in icon bar icon
  • Discard old h_doc arrangement, and all associated binaries
  • Added Menu_ForceClose to close open menus
  • Additional use of const where required
  • SaveAs handling messages fix
  • Support for RISC OS 3.5+ Screen modes, and sprite mode specifiers
  • New TaskWindow support
  • Preliminary USB/PCI interface (not implemented)
  • New WimpMsg module - simpler messages
  • New URL module - URI handling
  • Added EventMsg_ReleaseSpecific
  • Added GFX_ReadPoint
  • Make File_Size return -1 on error
  • Fixes and new makefile to allow cross compiling
  • Various MessageTrans fixes
  • Header documentation made consistent
  • Some additions for Nested Wimp
  • Examples supplied with Makefiles suitable for GCC too

Getting the source

DeskLib source is available via the Subversion server


Tutorial by Frauke Nonnenmacher (quite old)

Examples by Shaun Lindsley

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