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Developing for RISC OS costs time and effort. Much of that is given freely by selfless developers and enthusiastic users, however funding is often still required. at presently has yearly hosting costs of around US $250 for its virtual host, and domain costs. Apart from time, this is the major cost in running the site. Beyond that, accepts donations to encourage development and show appreciation for the work of its contributors.

Unix Porting Project Subscriptions

Peter Naulls no longer accepts ongoing subscriptions to the Unix Porting Project, since is now a spare time project and this means it would be inappropriate to accept fixed, repeating subscriptions. Additionally, the time in administration for this was considerable. Instead, now accepts donations based upon your perception of the work done and its value to you, as a RISC OS user. also wishes to avoid problems faced by other RISC OS subscription based products when there are large time gaps between output.

Advertising on this site carries Google advertisements. However, the profits from these is very small, and the total over the first two years was only a tiny fraction of the total costs.

Making a Donation accepts donations via PayPal or bank transfer. As a guideline, if you think the work has doing, or is doing is great or really useful to you, then consider donating 20 GBP for a year. Ultimately, the amount is entirely up to you and should be amount reflecting what you can afford and its value to you. If you can't afford anything except your time, then get in touch. We always have projects needing attention.

For donation via PayPal click the following button:

Bank account details:

 40-16-07 71183419
 Chesterton Road, Cambridge

My SWIFT code is MIDLGB22.

My IBAN is GB93MIDL40160771183419.

For European transfers, I recommend you make sure you are aware of transfer fees.

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