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Flight Simulator Games Collection
The first 4D Game Collection from 4D / APDL and certainly one of the best.
This collection was released back in July 2005 but it's still great quality for money.
You get 9 flight simluator games and are all RISC OS 4 and StrongARM compatible for £14.90
Here's what ya' get:

Air Supremacy 	 
Chopper Force 	 
Chocks Away
Mosquito Fire 	
Birds of War 	
Spitfire Fury
Interdictor II 	
F18 Hornet 	

It wasted a week of my holiday but I did complete SunBurst in that time and I was glued to my  
seat while playing F18Hornet and Birds of War.
APDL, (the distributor) have great offers on their 4Th Dimension range of collections on their
stand at shows and on their stand there are offers on their other products too like Wizard's   
Apprentice, Interdictor II, GEK Collection, StarFighter 3000 'Other Worlds' CD, Technodream and  
Nevryon and lots more.

If your into games like Descent, Descent 2 and StarFighter 3000 then you will enjoy this collection   
but the graphics are not as good as Descent 2 and the games aren't 3D but if you want something 
that'll keep you occupied for the weekend then this is it.

You also get more than just nine games, all the manuals are all included in html format and Chocks  
Away contains:
Chocks Away Disc 1
Chocks Away Disc 2
Chocks Away Extra Missions

All games will run on most RISC OS (not Arthur) machines but you do need to have a CD-ROM drive to   
install the games on to Hard Drive, so you do need a Hard Drive and a Web Browser or html viewer.

If you have something like a A310 or A440 which haven't got CD-ROM Drives then if you connect them   
to a network with a CD-ROM drive then you will be able to play the games because you do not need 
the CD after installation.

All games run perfectly on my A7000+ with RISC OS 3.71 with 2X CD-ROM drive but unfortunately most 
games won't run on an Iyonix or even Aemulor Pro but all games will work on a StrongARM RiscPC, 
Omega, R7500+ or a Virtual RPC machine.

To run Interdictor II you will need a printer to print the drawfile with all the combinations on to 
get you in to the game.
The DrawFile is included.

iSV Products / APDL do sell Interdictor II seperately but as I do not own a copy of that version I   
don't know if there's a printed manual but you would think so.

I do hope that APDL / 4D release 32-Bit versions of these collections because Iyonix users are 
missing out.

Of what I have read in magazines and news portals, the A9Home will be able to run many 26-bit 
programs that the Iyonix could not run so then some games from this collection might be able to run 
natively on an A9Home.

Overall I Rate This Collection 8/10
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