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It is strongly recommended that you do not use the older releases; they are maintained here mainly for reference. The older versions may contain serious bugs or generate incorrect code. If there's any reason you cannot use the latest release, then please inform the GCCSDK developers.

From time to time we make a test release which contain the bug fixes done on top of a previous stable release. Currently this is following what has been checked in on the release_3_4_6 branch but is not always garanteed up-to-date and might even contain new yet-undiscovered problems.

RISC OS binaries : Download latest test release

Source : svn co svn://svn.riscos.info/gccsdk/branches/release_3_4_6

GCCSDK GCC 3.4.6 Release 2

Released on 17 September 2006. Mainly an interim bug fix release.

  • GCC compilers fixes:
    • Correction of Release 1 filename handling regression with GCC.
    • Enabling of throwback for C preprocessor.
    • Pass gcc include paths through to 'as' assembler. There are known limitations on the current assembler include path support concerning Unix and RISC OS style pathname syntax so we recommend using path variables when you want to specify assembler include directories.
  E.g.: gcc -IOSLib: -c source.s -o source.o
  • Assembler fixes:
    • Allow suffix swapping in its include filenames and adding hdr/Hdr suffixes to its default suffix swap list. This allows RISC OS and cross compilation of same assembler sources which include OSLib headers.
    • No longer supporting GCC @ comments. This is no longer needed for the GCCSDK build procedure and allows the @ as built-in variable by default i.e. without having to resort to the -objasm option.
    • Assembler now supports all ARMv5E (XScale) instructions (i.e. not including the Thumb instructions).
    • Fixed several miss-assemblings or unsupported corner cases: LFMFD, LDC/STC, PLD, LDR/STR(H,SH,SB), etc.
    • Added testcases for future regression tests.
  • UnixLib fixes:
    • Improvement of backtrace and error handling: showing info on all current threads and demangled C function names.
    • readdir: fix in its suffix swapping code and improved POSIX behaviour.
    • unixify: fix memory leak and return value.
    • riscosify: avoid using hard-wired "/home/riscos/env/" path.
    • Stability fix when <Alt><Break> is used.
    • Conditional support for XScale compilation.
  • Librarian fixes:
    • Replacing AOF object in ALF file didn't work.
    • Several code fixes improving its stability.
  • Linker fixes:
    • 'hide' edit command did not always work.
  • Fix for C using SharedCLibrary. Examples Makefile updated to build hello world examples in different ways.
  • Various documentation updates.

GCCSDK cross-compilation improvements:

  • Improved memory debugging support, allowing use of Dmalloc instead of Fortify.
  • Allow building of processor specific toolchains using the --with-arch, --with-tune and --with-float configure options. In particular, allow building of GCC and UnixLib which, apart from ARMv3, also target ARMv3M (like ARM7), ARMv4 (like StrongARM) and ARMv5TE (like XScale) architectures by default.
  • Improvements of the "porting scripts" which are also used by the GCCSDK Autobuilder:
    • Autobuilder now uses separate X libraries instead of relying on monolithic X tree. Many other autobuilder packages updated. Non-Debian source fetcher improved. Many dependencies added so that many packages can be built with just one command.
    • Faster --ro-recursive implementation.
    • Parallel build support.
    • Created pkg-config wrapper to make sure only cross-compiled pkg-config files are found.

RISC OS binaries : Download

Source : svn co svn://svn.riscos.info/gccsdk/tags/release_3_4_6_v2

GCCSDK GCC 3.4.6 Release 1

Released on 12 June 2006. This is the last upstream compiler release in the 3.4.x series, and is largely a feature addition release with a small number of non-critical bug fixes. Most future development upstream and for RISC OS will focus on GCC 4.x series compilers. In particular, the forthcoming GCC 4.2 version. There may be future releases of GCC 3.4.6 for RISC OS with bug fixes if required.

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