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The RISC OS games scene has never been as popular as other systems like Windows and Linux, and has gone very unpopular over the past few years, since the demise of Acorn Computers Ltd back in 1998. Although the market is kept alive and driven on by enthusiasts.

There are hardly any commercial releases these days but there's much life in the freeware games scene. However there is now hope of more major commercial releases with the release of the Iyonix and the A9Home that can handle more recent games from other platforms.

After a while, you might have played all the good games on the platform and you have nothing else to get your teeth in to, well with the release of emulators like DosBox and PicoDrive, you can now play great classics like Sonic and Mario.

The market has lost many developers and publishers over the years like Visions of the Impossible, FLAYMZ, Artex Software and GEK Studio but here's a list of developers and publishers that are still active:

  • 7Th Software
  • AcornArcade
  • Alligata Media / ProAction
  • APDL / 4Th Dimension
  • Blasts of the Xtreme
  • Brain Games
  • Chris Bazley
  • CJE Micro's
  • David Llywelyn Jones (A.K.A. Flying Pig)
  • Marc Zinnschlag
  • Ian Hamilton
  • iSV Products
  • Jason Tribbeck (A.K.A. Tribbles)
  • Jeffrey Lee (A.K.A. Phlamethrower)
  • R-Comp / R-Comp Interactive
  • Unix Porting Project

List of commercial releases over 2005:

  • Adventure Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Flight Simulator Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Maze Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Platforms Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Puzzle Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Racing Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Shooting Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Sports Games Collection - 4Th Dimension
  • Wari - Brain Games

So, the games market is not dead yet!

Some of the best commercial games released for RISC OS are listed below

Some of the best freeware and shareware games released for RISC OS are listed below

  • (MarsQuake) - - One of the best bomberman clones for RISC OS
  • (PicoDrive) - - One of the best Megadrive emulators for RISC OS
  • (SuperDoku) - £5 - One of the best Sudoku programs for RISC OS
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