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Ghostscript is a Postscript interpreter. It can generate bitmap images from Postscript, PDF and EPS files in a variety of formats (including RISC OS sprites) and generate PDF files, a feature used by the PrintPDF utility and EasiWriter. It also offers a variety of processing options on Postscript files, such as repagination and scaling.

Ghostscript was originally ported to RISC OS by Graham Jones, who also implemented the sprite output device. It is currently maintained by Martin Wuerthner, who has made the latest version (8.54) available.

Martin is also the author of GView, a front end for Ghostscript which displays Postscript and PDF files on the desktop. This offers the most accurate way to view PDFs under RISC OS.

Ghostscript is distributed under the GPL.

RISC OS Ghostscript:


Ghostscript home site:

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