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HID icon
Maintained by: X-Ample Technology
Description: HID offers advanced support for USB Human Interface Devices, including enhanced keyboards, wheel mice, barcode scanners etc.
OS Restrictions: IYONIX pc with RISC OS 5.09 or greater
Languages: English
Alternatives: None
Website: http://www.xat.nl/en/riscos/sw/usb/hid/

HID stands for Human Interface Device, a class of USB devices including mice, keyboards, joysticks and other input hardware.

HID is also the name of a program from X-Ample Technology designed to facilitate the use of such USB devices on RISC OS. It only works for the Castle Technology flavour of RISC OS USB stack, i.e. on IYONIX pc or Castle Technology USB podule hardware. The program includes the following features:

  • Configuration of keys and scroll wheels on extended multimedia keyboards
  • Per-application control of the mouse scroll wheel (including horizontal scrolling)
  • Extended keyboard handling via Alt-key combinations
  • Joystick support
  • Keyboard control of music player applications such as DigitalCD

HID is sold by X-Ample Technology, who are the company behind the long awaited Impression X.

HID is unrestricted shareware and costs £10 or €15 to register.

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