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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 reviewed by KingofDarkness

Probably the most popular game ever to be released on RISC OS. Although HoMM2 was released way back in 1998 (the year that Acorn Ltd. finished trading in the desktop computers market) you still hear lots of talk about it on newsboards, forums and IRC.

The cost of this magical game is £35.00 and you will not regret purchasing it, ever. There are many campaigns for you to play and some pre-made maps but you also get a wonderful map editor which lets you make your own maps, there's a feature in the editor called random, the random feature makes maps instead of you, you tell the editor what features you want in the map and how many players can play the map at one time and it makes it for you, this feature is rather slow on all StrongARM or lower proccessors but it runs much faster my IYONIX pc with Aemulor Pro.

This game was originaly released by New World Computing in 1997, HoMM2 was the sequel to the very famous DOS game Heroes of Might and Magic. HoMM1 was never ported to RISC OS but it might run on DosBox from the Unix Porting Project. HoMM2 is a turn-based strategy game, if you are familiar with Exodus from Artex Software then you know how it plays. In case you don't know what turn-based strategy is then: HoMM2 plays just like Tek 1608 or Battle for Wesnoth but you and the computer take turns to move your armies. If you liked HoMM2 then you might want to buy the Price of Loyalty expansion pack for £21.00 from www.rcomp.co.uk which contains many new maps, campaigns, graphics, characters and Heroes of Might and Magic 1 for DOS.

The graphics are quite good but aren't as good as the graphics on games like WarGus, OpenTTD, Battle for Wesnoth or Tek, this game is suitable for all the family and will keep you playing for weeks on end! There are some bugs and you cannot play some maps like DragonWars on the 1st version of Acorn HoMM2 but there patches that can be downloaded from www.rcomp.co.uk that fix these.

I rate this game 95%

Thank You for the contribution from KingofDarkness (C) Blasts of the Xtreme 2006

As an interesting aside, HoMM2 was widely considered to be the best (or at worst, second-best) game in the Heroes series, and was included free in the Collectors' Edition of Heroes of Might & Magic V, released Q2 2006 (for Windows)

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