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Recommended Software

Looking for some software insiration? This is a page listing some of the best apps available for RISC OS. Check it out to see if your favourite is listed, and maybe discover a new gem. If what you're looking for isn't listed, look at the Wishlist to see if it's being worked on. There's also a page dedicated to RISC OS gaming. also hosts the RPCEmu project, which is a free emulator of RISC OS, available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Recommended Resources

This page is a one-stop shop to locate the resources you need. Included here are some useful hints, tips and tweaks to make sure you get the most from your system, as well as information on the resources which many modern applications will require before being able to run on your system.

RISC OS Information

Various pages provide general information about RISC OS, including hardware information and a RISC OS FAQ. Look at the FAQ to find solutions to common problems and consult the MDF and USB pages to find lists of working monitor and USB configurations. Applications is the home of a number of substantial applications, including:

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