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This page is to collate entries for MassFS' OtherDevs file. If you manage to get a USB device working with MassFS and Simtec USB, please add it here. Make sure you state which version of MassFS the entry is for (MassFS 1.00 = USB podule/Unipod, MassFS 1.99/2.00 = A9home). You should be able to cut and paste this page straight into your OtherDevs file.

# Device: TwinMOS 256MB Pen Drive
# Submitted by CJE
# MassFS version 1.00
# Device: Olympus C360 Zoom Digital Camera (USB 2.0) [read only]
#         Also works with Olympus C315 Zoom Digital Camera
# Submitted by Steve Potts
# MassFS version 1.00/1.99/2.00
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