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MoreDesk icon
Maintained by: 7th Software
Description: MoreDesk allows you to organise your windows over a larger space than the normal RISC OS desktop. It does this by creating a 'grid' of multiple desktop spaces and allowing you to select among them.
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 4 or later
Languages: English
Alternatives: WorkSpace

MoreDesk is a commercial product costing £14.99+VAT. It does have more features than its free equivalents including

  • configurable number of desktops
  • different background images for each desktop
  • a scaled view of the entire grid
  • the ability to easily move windows between desktops
  • hotkeys to switch between windows
  • alerts for off-screen events
  • etc.

The MoreDesk documentation contains a discussion of other virtual desktop programs of which there are several. Most of the alternatives are older and/or non-32-bit compatible.

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