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The Firefox web browser for RISC OS. This is a port by Peter Naulls.

Currently, versions 1.5 and 2 have been released - development is dependent on ongoing financial contributions.

Firefox can be downloaded from the Firefox port page.

Installing and using Firefox 2

Some users may experience difficulty in running Firefox for the first time, so here is a quick guide to get you going.

First make sure you have downloaded all the necessary parts. As well as the Firefox application you will also need:

  • Tinct - A module that provides applications with support for high speed sprite plotting and image enhancement
  • SharedUnixLibrary - A library of files required by many applications originating on the Unix platform
  • ELFLoader - An object loader for elves

Setting up Choices

After checking you have all the necessary modules in the right place (ELFLoader can be put in <Choices$Write>.Boot.Predesk) you'll need to set up the Choices file for Firefox, as the current application fails to do this correctly (version 2r2):

  1. Press CTRL+F12 to bring up a taskwindow
  2. Enter: Filer_OpenDir <Choices$Write>
  3. In the window that appears, look for a directory called Mozilla. If it isn't there, create it
  4. Open the Mozilla directory
  5. Create a sub-directory called Default in the Mozilla directory
  6. Load your favourite Text Editor
  7. Enter the following text exactly as shown:





  1. Save the file as profiles/ini inside the Mozilla directory
  2. Run Firefox2 for the first time!
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