Mozilla Thunderbird


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Mozilla Thunderbird
Maintained by: Peter Naulls
Description: This is a port of the Thunderbird mail and news reader for RISC OS.
OS Restrictions: Not RiscPC or earlier
Languages: English
Alternatives: Messenger, Pluto



This page is a placeholder for an updated Thunderbird release.

The RISC OS port of Thunderbird is an alpha-quality demo. Most of the changes to make it work on RISC OS are identical to Firefox, nevertheless it serves as a useful platform for improving porting technologies.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 Downloads

For IYONIX pc, A9home, Omega. and VirtualRPC (StrongARM version only). This will not work on RiscPCs.

Release 2 for RISC OS (February 2008, upstream

This is an unsupported demostration port and is not intended as a useful program. Please do not report bugs against it.

Release 1 has been removed due its many issues.

Installing and using Thunderbird 2

Download all the necessary parts. As well as the Thunderbird application you will also need:

  • Tinct – A module for high speed sprite plotting and image enhancement
  • SharedUnixLibrary – UnixLib C library support module

Building Thunderbird 2 from source

Thunderbird 2 can be built from source with patches in the GCCSDK Autobuilder. Follow the Using GCCSDK tutorial for details.

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