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Using Norcroft (Acorn C/C++) under RISC OS


An APCS-32 supporting Shared C Library (version 5.17 or later) is required to run Acorn C/C++. This means that only pre-RISC OS 4.39 (Select 3i4) users need an update of their Shared C Library which they can get from RISC OS Open, see below. All later versions of RISC OS have this prerequisite fulfilled.


Acorn C/C++ is very easy to setup on RISC OS. It is provided with an installer program, which take cares of all dependencies on other packages.

Additional languages and tools

A number of additional tools are included and installed as standrad.

It is also recommended you install StrongED or Zap to use as an alternative editor.

Acorn C/C++ Tutorials and information

In addition, the installed application itself contains a number of examples.

Distributing Acorn C/C++ compiled programs


When you distribute an Acorn C/C++ compiled program and are using the SharedCLibrary as runtime library, then no additional support files generally need to be made available with your program.

Acorn C/C++ does produce code which requires an APCS-32 supporting version of the SharedCLibrary (version 5.17 or later), however, so you should check (in the !Run file) that your user has a suitably up-to-date version installed. See !System download page for recent versions of SharedCLibrary suitable for RISC OS versions prior to RISC OS 4.39 (Select 3i4).

Note that all new RISC OS platforms ship with a sufficiently up-to-date version of the module present already.

Useful programs


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