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Contents Packages and Libraries

Applications on are build with the GCCSDK Autobuilder and automatically packaged for use with PackMan, which is the recommended way to access these packages.

You will need to add this sites package index to the !PackMan sources file (Choices:PackMan.Sources) by adding the following line:


Package Indexes

Indexes for all packages are automatically generated:

Source Code

Source is automatically uploaded along with packages:

More Information

Manual Installation

In some cases, manual download and install is preferable. The zip files are in a format suitable for the RISC OS Packaging project, however they are ordinary zip files and the application can be located inside them and dragged from them onto your RISC OS machine.

The application will normally be in a subfolder of the folder called Apps. (e.g. Apps.Games).


The requirements for individual applications vary, but you generally need:

  • SharedUnixLibrary module:
  • Some sound support requires the Digital Renderer module: shipped with the SharedUnixLibrary
  • (Deprecated, used only by older ports) !UnixHome application (typically required by some ported Unix programs wishing to store configuration files and settings in the Unix user's home directory).
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