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| valign=top style="background:powderblue; font-size:large;" |RISC OS Projects&nbsp;&nbsp;''<font size=2>[[RISCOS:About#Hosting_your_own_project_on_riscos.info|Host your own project]]</font>''
| valign=top style="background:powderblue; font-size:large;" |RISC OS Projects&nbsp;&nbsp;''<font size=2>[[RISC_OS:About#Hosting_your_own_project_on_riscos.info|Host your own project]]</font>''

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RISC OS Projects  Host your own project


GCC - The port of GNU Compiler Collection to RISC OS.

GCCSDK - Cross-compiler SDK for GCC covering aspects of RISC OS programming including the autobuilder and porting tools.


RPCEmu - Tom Walker's open source RiscPC Emulator.

QEMU - Cross-platform JIT emulating RISC OS binaries or RiscPC hardware.

PC - PC support software for Acorn second processor cards developed by Aleph1


AMPlayer - MP3 Player

CCres - Translation tool to extract and replace text in Template and Resource files.

Cretin - The 32bit IRC Client

Firefox - The Mozilla Firefox browser port to RISC OS

Packages - UNIX software ports to RISC OS

Thump - Image thumbnail viewer

WinEd - Window layout (template) editor


DeskLib - The easy to use Wimp programming C library for RISC OS.

ChoX11 - The X11 replacement library for running X-based applications under RISC OS


RISC OS Translated - Discussion of language translation for RISC OS applications.

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