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The riscos.info Wiki is a community and developer-driven RISC OS website, intended to encourage user involvement, as well provide a forum for RISC OS articles, news and other media. It's currently featuring 217 articles.

The riscos.info Wiki is the culmination and continuing development of ideas discussed by Peter Naulls and John Tytgat during 2005. Its current contents are mostly a consolidation of previously related, but separate sites:

  • The former riscos.info static RISC OS content
  • riscos.info C programming information
  • The Unix Porting Project, including the RISC OS ports of Firefox and many other applications
  • GCCSDK, the development environment for the RISC OS port of GCC.
  • riscos.blog.com articles

The majority of the content of the original sites was written by Peter Naulls, and the riscos.info Wiki serves as a new focus for his work. Other content was written or contributed to by other members of the Open Source RISC OS community - particularly the GCCSDK team.

There is a mailing list for discussion of general riscos.info issues (though discussion of specific pages should take place on the relevant "talk" page).



To contribute to riscos.info, you'll require an account. Registration requires a valid email address, and a real name. We prefer for people to not hide behind aliases, and believe this helps avoid abuse.

Once logged in, you will be able to edit most content (exceptions include the front page and other special pages). If you see a typo, then go right ahead and fix it. You can create your own pages and content by creating a link on an existing page. If you create an interesting article, then it may be linked from the front page.

If you want to say something controversial, then please back it up with references. We will remove anything that is offensive or unsubstantiated. If you don't agree with this, then we would prefer you make your comments on a different forum. We (and other contributors) will of course edit for spelling and grammar correctness.

To start with, you might want to put some information on your own page - that is the page with the same name as your nick. Put some information there about yourself, and link to any pages you create.

Appropriate Content

What material is suitable for riscos.info? There are no fixed rules for content, apart from it being relevant to RISC OS, and you must have permission to post the material. If there's something you'd like to see, then feel free to start a page, and allow people to add to it. Perhaps a FAQ on a RISC OS topic no one is dealing with. If there's static HTML content elsewhere or interesting scattered news postings on a certain subject, that you think might benefit from being put on a Wiki, then we'd like to see that too (Simtec USB technical information is a nice example of the latter).

Want to try your hand at a news article - no problem, go ahead and create a page for the article, and drop us a line so it can be linked from the main page.

Hosting your own project on riscos.info

Want to host your own project on riscos.info? Great. If you only need Wiki access, and it meets other requirements mentioned on this page, then go ahead, you don't need permission. We keep an eye on added content so we will link in new pages where appropriate. We can also offer subversion access and a mailing list for your open source project. All queries should be directed to Theo Markettos (riscos.info at markettos.org.uk).

riscos.info and CSS

This Wiki makes heavy use of cascading style sheets to present its content. Therefore the only RISC OS browser in which it will appear properly is RISC OS Firefox, although recent versions of NetSurf will be able to use most of the features. This was a conscious decision and a trade off between the advantages of a wiki and accessability.

riscos.info makes use of a largely unmodified WikiMedia look and feel. If you're a dabhand at CSS and want to have a go at creating a WikiMedia skin for this site, then get in touch. We'd love to have a customised RISC OS feel.


We wish to properly recognise any contribution to riscos.info, and ensure you are named as the author of any original content you submit. In particular, Peter Naulls asserts his copyright on all his articles and content. Works on riscos.info are respected under the Creative Commons Deed. You can find a link to this at the bottom left of your browser window.


The riscos.info site is run by Theo Markettos - email riscos.info at markettos.org.uk for any queries.

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