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== RISC OS Northern Roadshow ==
== [http://www.riscos.com/news/news_items/PR021006.htm RISC OS Northern Roadshow] ==
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'''Location:''' The Webbington Hotel
'''Location:''' The Webbington Hotel
== [http://www.riscos.com/ Glasgow RISC OS RoadShow 2006] ==
'''When:''' Wed 18th October 2006
'''Time:''' 3pm.
'''Location''' Holiday Inn

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RISC OS Northern Roadshow


  • Wednesday 18th Oct - Holiday Inn, East Kilbride (Glasgow)
  • Thursday 19th Oct - Village Hotel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Time: 4pm - 8pm

SASAUG SouthEast Show

When: Sat 21st October 2006

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: Guildford College

Next MUG meeting

When: Sat 18th November 2006

Time: 2pm.

Location: Methodist Church Hall

ARM Club Midlands Show

When: Sat 25th November 2006

Time: 10am - 4pm (tbc)

Location: Featherstone & Hilton Community Centre, Wolverhampton

RISC OS SouthWest Show 2007

When: Sat 24th Feburary 2007

Time: 10am.

Location: The Webbington Hotel

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