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Saturday 17 May 2008 : RISC OS eXperience 2008

The Dutch Big Ben Club organizes a free get together near Amsterdam. Well known people like Jim Nagel (Archive magazine), Martin Würthner (ArtWorks, Gutenprint, TechWriter, EasyWriter, ...), Richard Brown (representing Castle and IYONIX pc), Paul Reuvers (XAT), Frank Kraaij (DESK) and Ger van Vugt will be present, as well the Belgian RISC OS user group RISCOS.be. See the Big Ben Club webpage on this event for more info.

Saturday 17 May 2008 : Home-brew Laptop

Paul Stewart will show how he built his RISC OS laptop from an A9home and some stuff he had lying around. See MUG website for details.

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