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riscos.info is now covering RISC OS News in addition to its own items. As long as you have an Special:UserLogin account anyone can add RISC OS news to the front page.

How To Add a News Item

Once you've created an account, adding an item is easy. Visit the News feed page, click on the edit tab, and enter a new item at the top of the list. Simply cut and paste the top list item and then alter the URL, link details and date as appropriate. This is what it will look like:

  {| width="100%"
  | valign=top style="background:powderblue; font-size:large;" |News

  <-- paste a new entry here

  * [http://www.riscosopen.org/forum/forums/1/topics/251 Jeffrey Lee reports] on his latest RISC OS 5 developments.
  {{date|date=22 September 2009}}
  * [http://www.mw-software.com/software/ps3/ps3.html MW Software announces availability] of PostScript 3 driver.
  {{date|date=21 September 2009}}

Now click on the Show preview button to make sure it looks ok, then Save changes

I think I messed up

Don't worry, you can go back and edit the page again. The riscos.info maintainers will edit any item for consistency, and will retire old items off the bottom of the list when it gets too long.

What is appropriate to add?

Anything you might post to comp.sys.acorn.announce or other RISC OS news forums. If there are many similar items, such as user group meetings or minor software updates, the riscos.info maintainers may fold items together. Inappropriate items will be quickly removed, but if it's RISC OS and news, there should be no reason for that.

What if I want to write a news item?

You are free to create a new page and instead have the link point to the wiki page.

I'd prefer you add it instead

Please send any news items to Peter Naulls.

Why are you allowing anyone to add news?

This type of collaborative effort has proven effective many times over, including already on this wiki. For a direct example of collaborative news, check out Wikinews.

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