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I've obtained permission from David Buxton to continue development of the RISC OS Samba server. This server allows RISC OS to share files using the Windows SMB ("samba") protocol, and make your RISC OS system accessible from Windows, Unix or other systems.

The problem for me with this server is apart from it being quite slow, it was constantly at risk of locking up the entire system or just crashing, I believe I've now isolated and fixed the problem which appears to be been quite minor. Independently, Thomas Millus has done some other fixes and performance improvements. Both of these changes will be included in a forthcoming release. Eventually, I might pull in a much newer upstream release, but the focus right now is simply on a version that is stable me and for others.

A snapshot of the latest source is already available on the riscos.info Subversion server, and this will be updated with fixes before a relase very soon. The sourceforge pages will also be updated to refer to files on this site.

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