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* [http://b-em.bbcmicro.com/arculator/ RPCEmu home page]
* [http://b-em.bbcmicro.com/arculator/ RPCEmu home page]
{{Emulation of RISC OS}}

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RPCEmu - Open Source RiscPC Emulator

riscos.info maintains the source repository for RPCEmu, developed by Tom Walker. Peter Naulls did the port to Linux. Chris Williams did the Mac OS X PPC port. RPCEmu is an interpretative emulator of Acorn RiscPC-class hardware. It includes working emulation of ARM6 and ARM7 cores, IDE and Floppy emulation, VIDC20 and IOMD chipset emulation, and other features.

Present limitations:

  • No access to host drives - floppy or optical.
  • No network access.


Emulation of RISC OS
RPCEmu, QEMU, Arcem, VirtualAcorn, RedSquirrel, Arculator
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