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The wiki is an interactive resource which will benefit from user contributions, big and small, so please get involved - even if it's just to correct the odd typo!

Don't be worried that you'll make a mistake or tread on someone's toes - any errors will quickly get corrected and old versions of pages can always be reinstated. (Conversely, please don't be offended if someone improves on your work ;) ) So create yourself an account, find a page that needs your input, and get editing by clicking on the "Edit" link at the top.


To get you started, here are a few examples of how you might be able to contribute:

  • Fix spelling mistakes and gramatical error when you come accross them - it doesn't matter how small your changes are.
  • Improve the layout of pages. Some would benefit from a simple re-structuring into meaningful sections using the wiki == and === headings.
  • Software referred to anywhere on the wiki should have its own page based on a standard template (for example). Lots of ad-hoc pages (for instance, those linked from the Recommended software page) need standardising using this.
  • The Current events page needs updating. Useful information to keep on there would be details of user group meetings. (For an example, see an old version of the page.)
  • If you spot a page which needs updating, but you're not sure about the appropriate changes, mention it on the page's "talk" page - or list it here!

Works in Progess

Writing a wiki page which you haven't finished yet, or not yet worth promoting on the front page? Link it here so that others can contribute. (If it does get linked from the front page, don't forget to remove it from here.)

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