riscos.info back up after datacenter meltdown


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riscos.info should now be functioning normally, after the previous ISP managed to brick hundreds of servers including the one we were renting. After about a week of sending tickets and getting no reply, I decided to move elsewhere. This meant restoring the data from nightly backup and rebuilding some of the infrastructure from scratch at a new ISP. This is now mostly done, and services are now running again.

The status thus far is:

HTTP (wiki, downloads): working
Email (lists, etc): working
SVN (svn://, websvn): working

Still to do:
CI (Jenkins autobuilder)

I've also taken the opportunity to make riscos.info IPv6 clean - everything should work over both IPv4 and IPv6.

If you spot any issues, please email riscos.info [at] markettos.org.uk

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Well done on bringing the site back from the dead so quickly. I found myself several times not being able to access something I knew was here - a vital resource for everyone.

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