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Maintained by: Darren Salt
Description: Spr2Png allows the conversion of sprite files from or to PNG format, and Draw and ArtWorks files to sprite or PNG format.
OS Restrictions: RISC OS 3.5 or later
Languages: English
Alternatives: Png2Spr and various other partial equivalents
Website: http://www.youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk/progs.graphics.html#spr2png

Spr2Png is a PNG toolkit written by Darren Salt. It is based on libpng and other contributions, and can create PNG files from sprite, Draw or ArtWorks files. It can also convert PNG files back to sprites, and also offers Draw and ArtWorks to sprite conversions. As such, the program's name is somewhat misleading – it is significantly more flexible than just a sprite-to-PNG and PNG-to-sprite converter.

Spr2Png requires RISC OS 3.5 or later (or at least support for 'deep sprites') and at least enough memory to store the converted image in 32-bit RGB colour while it is being processed. It uses AWViewer to assist its ArtWorks file conversion capabilities.

Spr2Png has a RISC OS drag-and-drop front end, and can also be driven from the command line. It has full alpha-channel support and can produce highly optimised files.

Png2Spr is the nearest known equivalent, but ChangeFSI, InterGif, Creator and Translator overlap with some of Spr2Png's capabilities.

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