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* [ Wikipedia Entry]
* [ Wikipedia Entry]
* [ Lazy Task Swapping (FAQ)]
* [ StrongARM Description from DEC Digital Technical Journal (now at]

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The StrongARM is an ARMv4 processor designed and originally manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation, and later manufactured by Intel. It was replaced by the XScale in Intel's lineup.

The StrongARM was used in the Acorn and Castle RiscPC, the Castle Kinetic RiscPC, and the MicroDigital Omega.


RiscPC Processor Cards

Acorn sold three StrongARM processor cards, based on the Digital SA-110, for the RiscPC. The only difference between them is the speed rating of the SA-110 used, and the speed that the cards were set to run. These cards are:

  • 160 MHz (overclocked from the factory to 200 MHz)
  • 200 MHz
  • 233 MHz

The minimum RISC OS version for StrongARM is 3.70. There are various chip revisions, not all of them are able to run in lazy task swapping mode.

Kinetic Processor Cards

Main article: Kinetic

MicroDigital Omega

Main article: MicroDigital Omega

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