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SysLogD is a small RISC OS module which listens to the UDP 514 port and logs incoming syslog messages using DoggySoft's !Syslog application or using RISC OS Select's built in Syslog module.

Additionally it can produce throwback from messages created by the GCCSDK cross-compiler.


Logging incoming syslog messages happens as soon the SysLogD module is loaded.

For generating throwback messages of warnings or errors generated by the GCCSDK cross-compiler, you need to do the following:

On RISC OS host:

  1. A mapping file needs to created on the RISC OS host which maps the pathnames used on the remote machine where the cross-compilation is happening to RISC OS pathnames. More details how this is done can be found in the syslogd distribution.
  2. Start SysLogD after this mapping file has been created.

On the remove host where the cross-compilation is going to be done:

  1. The THROWBACK_HOST environment variable needs to be set to the hostname or IP address of the RISC OS machine.
  2. Add -mthrowback to the compiler command line.

Source code

The source code for SysLogD lives as one of the subprojects in the GCCSDK & Autobuilder repository.

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