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Can General RISC OS news be put here with a link to an article about that piece of news?

News links

If you are proposing to write articles about that news, yes. If it's just a link to somewhere else, then no - doesn't need to be another copy of comp.sys.acorn.announce.

Can the News section have a 'older news' section?

Please pay attention to what I said.

I.e, precisely what you just added. Links to other people's updated software is not "news". I've rolled this back. The article itself is a good effort, but it's still essentially a copy of the same information elsewhere.

I want to consider further what the front page will look like. specific updates will need to be split from general RISC OS news that is covered. Sadly, no one's come forth with a possible design, so it'll be something boring that I come up with.

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