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I'm currently debating just linking from each item on the list to the site where the software in question is hosted, or whether I should allow for a descriptive page for some (all?) of the apps, eg: StrongED, Director, NetSurf, Messenger, where helpful setup/usage hints could go.


Software linking

Ideally, software should have its own page on, with that page linking to its home page. StrongED for example already has its own page. But even a very short description like the Zap page is fine. Try to avoid mentioning software versions, as those often change. Like Wikipedia, I want a degree of independence of information, and not be just another site that links to others.


I'm not sure about removing the games from this list. I think they're as worthy as other software. Emulators don't really belong in the games section anyway.

I take your point about emulators. Not sure what 6502Em was doing in there in the first place. However, the purpose of this page is for software that makes your RISC OS experience that little bit easier, and to be a repository for anyone out there thinking: "I wonder if there's an application that does X". As such, I don't think games belong, whereas BotE already has a page related to Gaming.

The section is about "recommended software", rather than "essential software", according to the title.


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