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Blasts of the Xtreme is a company designing games and games related programs for RISC OS.

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Game News

Monday September 25, 2006 - New PicoDrive website AcornArcade have now put up a website for the new port of the mega drive emulator, PicoDrive. Here's the link:

Sunday September 24, 2006 - Doom Documentation

Martin Bazley has released two reference documentation, the first describes the effect of different linedef and sectors in Doom, the second is a tutorial for DETH users.

Both can be viewed from here:

Tuesday September 19, 2006 - Blobby 2 Map Info Ever wanted to create maps for Blobby 2? Thanks to Marc Scholes, You can now read the guide to creating your own maps on the BOTX site: The SuDoku and PuffGames links are now working too.

Monday September 18, 2006 - Another SF3000 update Oh, how Chris Bazley spoils us, he has added some finishing touches to SFcolours, his Starfighter 3000 sprite editing program. You can download it from here:

Monday September 11, 2006 - SFcolours version 1.5

Christopher Bazley has updated SFcolours, this new version supports selection by rubber band box, full drag and drop protocol.

SFcolours is a colours editor for StarFighter 3000, with this you can change the colours of your planes and lots more!

Monday September 11, 2006 - PicoDrive Iyonix A Iyonix version of PicoDrive has been released, this is a list of the changes made in this new version:

- Tab to toggle between x1 (320 x 240) and x2 (640 x 480) - window sized according to display - full screen mode (320 x 240, or 640 x 480 for x1 or x2); you'll probably need the !PicoDrive.Modes mode definition added to your MDF for the former - menu over view window - proper display of logo in 16bpp and 32bpp modes

You can download PicoDrive Iyonix from here:

Friday September 08, 2006 - Games article on I've added an article on games to, you can read it and add to it here:

Monday September 04, 2006 - PicoDrive test release

Jeffrey Lee, Michael Drake and Adrain Lees have been working on porting !PicoDrive, a Sega Megadrive emulator (although at first I thought it was a Sega Pico emulator). After an hour or two of starting porting !PicoDrive under RISC OS, Jeffrey Lee has compiled it and run it!

You can download a test release from: and the latest version which was released only a few hours ago is A9Home compatible!

Monday September 04, 2006 - VICE 1.20 Released

Andreas Dehmel, the guy responsible for the RISC OS DIY Doom, has updated his port of VICE for RISC OS.

VICE emulates all commodore machines so you can play all the classics again on your RISC OS machine! (although you do need a LOT of Ram and preferably a StrongARM or Iyonix machine)

You can download this new version from: and you can also get the DRenderer module from there there too.

Sunday September 03, 2006 - Cavern Duel 1.23

Stephen Scott has released version 1.23 of his old ex-commercial, two player game, Cavern Duel. This new version fixes problems with the game freezing. Stephen Scott has come back to RISC OS after many years and is now hoping to update this game in the future.

The game currently does not play on laptops running RISC OS, (Virtual Acorn) but Stephen is hoping to fix this by the next release. Cavern Duel does work on RISC OS 3 Archimedes machines (not sure about earlier versions of the OS) and does work on RISC OS 4 Risc PC, Virtual RPC, RiscStation and other 26-Bit machines. I am curious to know if this game will work on 32-Bit machines.

The last release of Cavern Duel was 1.22 back on the 4Th of December 1997. (Almost nine years ago!) According to Stephen's CSA Games post, there will be regular updates from now on.

About Cavern Duel:

Taken from Steve's site "Cavern Duel is a two player arcade game for RISC OS computers, which puts yourself and your opponent within a labyrinth. The objective is simple - to find and kill your opponent, before he or she does!

The game is played using a split screen, showing overhead views of yourself and your opponent roaming about the maze, collecting food, weaponry and armour. Collecting such items improves your chances when you finally engage in battle.

Your health and armour are indicated by vertical bars to the right of the play area. Your current weapon is shown above your health and armour indicators.

Some of the weapons you come across within the maze are better than others. Potion bottles are also in abundance. Some however, have undesirable effects, such as reducing your health, which won't be helpful after you've barely escaped with your life just moments before."

Game Features:

   * Two player split screen
   * Keyboard controls
   * Various kinds of weaponry
   * Good (or bad) potions to help (or hinder) you
   * Several differently designed levels to choose from
   * In-game settings allow for easier or harder game

An editor is also included with the game so you can make your own levels!

You can download the game from: and it's only 144k in size!.

Saturday August 26, 2006 - UMoria released as disc image

This morning, Wocki released a disc image of the game UMoria on his site for all to download from his site and has also added this game to his ArcGB project.

UMoria is a modified colour version of Moria.

You can download it from:

Saturday August 26, 2006 - Alien Invasion as disc image

Wocki has been very busy, he has now released a disc image of the game Alien Invasion on his site for all to download and has also added this game to his ArcGB project. You can download the game from:

Alien Invasion is an ex-commercial space invaders game by Adrain S.W.Nelson.

Saturday August 26, 2006 - Sewer Control WAD updated

Martin Bazley has updated and improved his WAD for Doom, Sewer Control. This WAD is for Doom(+) and needs the official Doom WAD to play.

Don't own a copy of Doom?

You can play Doom with the Shareware WAD which is available from the Internet and can be played with the various RISC OS Doom ports out there. Probably the best free port out there is Jeff's Doom port which can be downloaded from here.

You can buy Doom+, Doom2 and thousands of WADS from R-Comp Interactive.

The Plot:

Taken from Chris Bazley's site "It seems a bunch of demons has invaded the sewer control system, and have plans to flood the city with raw sewage! After a bit of straw-drawing, you have been sent in to get rid of them. Unfortunately, they could only find a pistol to arm you with. You think it'll be easy. You wish."

You can download this marvellous WAD from:

Monday August 21, 2006 - Bug Hunter on Wocki's Emulation Site

Wocki has released an ADF disc image of the original Bug Hunter to his site and his ArcGB project. Wocki has also put the level codes for Bug Hunter 1 and 2 onto his ArcGB program. Wocki has also added a link between Bug Hunter and its sequel so, you can switch between the two games.

According to Wocki, Bug Hunter will not work using Arculator but will run using RPCEmu from Tom Walker.

This new version of ArcGB and Bug Hunter has been added to Wocki's Acorn Emulation CD which is available from his online shop.

You can download ArcGB, Bug Hunter and buy his CD from his site:

Sunday August 20, 2006 - Bug Hunter 1 extracted

Thanks to Holger Palmroth, the extracted version of Bug Hunter 1 can be downloaded from here for use on real RISC OS machines.

Sunday August 20, 2006 - Bug Hunter 1 released as freeware

Bug Hunter 1 freely available

If you couldn't get enough of Bug Hunter in space then you'll be delighted to know that Ian Richardson has released the original Bug Hunter as a Disc Image for use on RISC OS emulators.

If you do not own a non-RISC OS machine or you can't be bothered to set up a emulator then you can extract the disc image with the various programs available from the Internet.

I am not sure about compatibility with modern 26 or 32-Bit machines but it won't do you any harm to try it out.

Bug Hunter in Space apparently does run on StrongARM and RISC OS 4 machines.

You can download it from here.

Its sequel, Bug Hunter in Space can be downloaded for free as disc images from here or here.

An extracted version of Bug Hunter in Space for real RISC OS machines can be downloaded from here.

A extracted version of Bug Hunter (thanks to Holger Palmroth) should be available soon.

Sorry about the lack of updates but there hasn't really been anything much happening in the way of RISC OS games.

Friday August 11, 2006 - Wocki's Acorn Emulation CD-Rom

Just in case you didn't know, the Wocki Acorn Emulation CD is updated every time there is a new download on his site.

Friday August 11, 2006 - New version of ArcGB

Wocki has released a new version of ArcGB and and has added an extra directory called Extras which currently has cheat codes for Bambuzle and Hamsters.

Wocki has said that there will be more files in the Extras directory in the following months.

ArcGB can be downloaded from Wocki's site.

Friday August 11, 2006 - Bambuzle demo

Wocki has released a disc image of the game demo Bambuzle for you to play.

It can be downloaded from his site and has also been added to ArcGB.

Thursday August 10, 2006 - 1500 Views

The BOTX Wiki page has now had over 1500 views!

Tuesday August 08, 2006 - Chuckie Egg review on the BOTX Wiki page

I've added the AcornGamez review of Chuckie Egg on the wiki to save you searching through the AG archives.

There will be lots more soon.

Tuesday August 08, 2006 - BOTX Site down

You may have noticed that the Blasts of the Xtreme website has been down recently. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.


Friday August 04, 2006 - Tank Duel

Steve Scott of SasSquad, has recently unearthed an old game by his brother from around a decade ago.

Taken from Steve's C.S.A.Games post:

"It's a simple game, shoot your opponent before they shoot you. The whole game is written in Basic V, and does therefore require a high speed system to run smoothly. I guess VirtualAcorn users on a high-end PC will be laughing at how it zips along. The game is based on a BBC Micro version called Rumble, which appeared on an issue of Disc User in the late 80s, and was terribly addictive. 4 people round a BBC keyboard - very interesting!"


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