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WimpForth is a nice implementation of Forth for RISCOS written by Martin Lauter and published under a very permissive license.

I found that WimpForth did not work on the StrongARM processor of my RiscPC so I have modified it to synch the processor cache when new words are compiled. This seems to work fine. Recently I have been running it in 32Bit mode on the Iyonix with no problems. More recently I added some simple caret handling so that the editor window displays a cursor.

This is a great version of Forth it includes a lot of ANS words, a debugger, decompiler, assembler and even support for objects and classes so you can program the Wimp more easilly. WimpForth is a kind of subset of Win32Forth so you can also write cross platform programs using WimpForth without too many conversion issues.

Personally I think that Forth is a great language for programming Microcomputers, it provides an easy to use interactive environment without the slow compile, link cycle of C. Also you should not have to dip into assembler that often to get reasonable performance, but the assembler is there for when you need it.

A copy of the modfied WimpForth can be downloaded from

If you would like to, please create a WimpForth page with this text and link to it from another wiki page (perhaps something in the programming section - maybe the Scripting page?). I'm sure people would be interested in your work if they knew about it!

Caliston 18:05, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

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