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Using GCCSDK to cross-compile for RISC OS

This is a quick outline of how to use GCCSDK and its autobuilder. We hope to expand this section soon.

Cross-compiling for RISC OS is done by using GCCSDK on Unix-alike host system, such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X or even Windows (under Cygwin). To get started, ensure you have a Subversion client installed for your system, and fetch the GCCSDK source:

mkdir gccsdk
svn co svn:// gccsdk/gcc
svn co svn:// gccsdk/autobuilder

Detailed instructions are given in the file gccsdk/gcc/README, however they are essentially the following (this assumes that you can write to a directory named /home/riscos):

 cd gccsdk/gcc
 autoconf ; autoheader
 make setup
 make build-cross
 make porting-scripts

Now use the autobuilder to build a package:

 mkdir ~/build
 cd ~/build
 <path to gccsdk dir>/autobuilder/build -v wget

See autobuilder documentation gccsdk/autobuilder/AutoBuilder.html for more detailed instructions.


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