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You can keep track of updates to the wiki with our RSS or Atom feeds. For this you'll need a feed aggregator, such as Firefox or Hermes on RISC OS.

To subscribe in Firefox:

  • Click on the Recent changes link in the left-hand navigation
  • Firefox 1.5:
    • Look for the orange icon at the bottom right corner of the browser window
    • Click on it, and choose 'RSS' from the menu
    • A bookmarks dialogue appears
    • You can set it to 'Bookmarks', where it appears as a submenu on your normal bookmarks list, or 'Bookmarks toolbar folder', where it appears underneath your address bar
    • Click the small orange icon on the menu or bar to see the latest wiki updates
  • Firefox 2:
    • Look for the orange icon at the right-hand end of the address bar
    • Click on it, which displays a page with a yellow box at the top
    • Click 'Subscribe Now'
    • Then choose whether you want 'Bookmarks' or 'Bookmarks toolbar folder' as above

Then it's just a few mouse clicks to check for new wiki content.

To subscribe manually, paste one of these links into your RSS client

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