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WinEd is a window template editor for RISC OS, which can be used to design windows for use in RISC OS Wimp programs. Its original founding aim was to do everything which TemplEd could do, only better! Now it provides a comprehensive graphical interface to ease the creation of sophisticated and consistent program windows.


WinEd was originally written by Tony Houghton. The last version released by Tony was 2.87 and is still available (with source) here. WinEd is now maintained by Adam Richardson.


WinEd is distributed as a package for RiscPkg and should appear in the Unstable distribution, which is subscribed to automatically when RiscPkg is installed. Note: although part of the Unstable distribution, the version of WinEd distributed through RiscPkg is considered stable.

For those who do not use RiscPkg, recent versions may be found here.


WinEd is released under the GNU General Public License and the source code is kept in a subversion repository on (which can be checked out anonymously or viewed via WebSVN). The code is written in C, compiled using GCC to use the SharedCLibrary runtime library and makes extensive use of DeskLib. It also uses the memory allocation routines of the flex library.

Any bug reports, feature requests or offers of help should be sent to Adam Richardson.

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