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This is a wikified version of Paul Vigay's wishlist with his permission. If you have a solution, or a suggestion, feel free to add it. Use the discussion page to voice your particular opinion as to the validity of anything listed below.

Stuff From The List that's now been implemented

Accounts A lot of businesses use the superb Prophet 3 Professional accounts package, which is now available from Elesar including up to date support for Making Tax Digital for VAT submissions. For personal accounting, CashBook appears to be coming along nicely
Photodesk The Photodesk image editing software is now back in active development thanks to CJE who sell tiered upgrades and new copies of the latest version
RO5 Unicode Printing NetSurf, and other unicode applications, can now print on RISC OS 5 after changes made to the ROOL Printer Manager.
Theme Manager A Theme Setup plug in is now included in RISC OS 5, accessed from Configure.

Stuff People Want that still needs doing

Braille transcription Self-explanatory
eBay Toolbar A possible idea for a small utility for RISC OS users, to aid with buying, selling, quick links to My eBay etc
EXIF Editor Software to allow easy editing of EXIF data on JPEGs, allowing the user to easily change the date/time on digital photos. Currently, Chris Williams has ported EXIFtags, a family of UNIX programs for reading and editing EXIF data. This is a command line tool. PrivateEye has viewing of EXIF data, and may include editing functionality in future versions.
Genealogy A lot of people have requested a decent 'family tree' application, possibly something like Reunion on Mac OS X
Internet Setup Utility Getting on the Internet with RISC OS is far more difficult than it needs to be. Commercial apps like Dialup/Netfetch are fine for absolute beginners, but why isn't there an easy, free setup system for mail, news, and browsing?
OCR A professional OCR application which would control the scanner and have the same facilities at least as Omnipage Pro
Presentation An up to date presentation package, like MS Powerpoint or Mac OS's Keynote
Real Audio Sources are available, see the licensing situation
Spreadsheet Able to cope with later Excel capabilities (although ViewXLS does go quite a long way to allowing RISC OS users to view Excel files, and Schema 2 has some Excel convertors).

Any new work in this area could potentially be based upon Isis

VoIP Some form of RISC OS H.323 voice communications system. A port of Skype is unlikely, as the product is commercial, but the SIP compatible Gizmo may be more possible
Weather analysis A program to download weather data from a Davis Vantage 2 weather station via USB and automatically upload to the Internet - eg. a replacement for the PC program WeatherLink 5.7


recommended software

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