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Zap icon
Maintained by: Zap Developers
Description: Zap is a comprehensive text editor.
OS Restrictions: None
Languages: English, German
Alternatives: StrongED, Vim

PC Style Delete

ZapFonts Image:zapfonts33x34.png

Zap's bitmap font renderer is used by several other programs, notably Nettle, and of course Zap itself. The ZapFonts utility can be obtained separately from the rest of the Zap application. The latest stable versions of Zap and its supporting utilities are available from the following link: Zap latest stable versions. See the explanatory text at the bottom of that page to see which components to download.


ZapRedraw is required to help Zap interact correctly with John Kortinck's ViewFinder card. ZapRedraw can be obtained from the following ZapRedraw link. However, there are other supporting files you may also need which are part of the main Zap releases, so don't just download the module unless you already have a working installation of Zap. Please read the explanatory text on the download pages for further details.

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