Downloaded Sources ok

Nick Burrett nick at
Thu Dec 28 05:31:54 PST 2000

Peter Naulls <peter at> writes:

> Well, I've download the GCC sources ok - dunno about anyone else :-)
> Can't try to build it yet on my ARM Linux machine, because of some G++
> issues, but hopefully I'll try soon.

It's probably not going to work, since the GCC sources have only been
ported to i386 Linux and i386 FreeBSD.  It's trivial to port to other
processors and operating systems, so I'll add ARM Linux support
this afternoon.

> How about a weekly tarball/zip of the sources for the people on slow
> connections or those unable to use !CVS (not me, but others spring to
> mind).

I figured somebody would mention this.  I expected it to take a little
longer that 1 day though. :-)

Snapshots and diffs between snapshots are now available and will be
created weekly on Sunday mornings.


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