/etc/magic additions

Peter Naulls peter at erble.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Dec 31 05:50:02 PST 2000

Ok, first time I've tried to use the /etc/magic format.  But the
following should be good enough for most purposes:

Improvements gratefully accepted.

0               lelong  0xc3cbc6c5      Acorn
>0xc            string  OBJ_HEAD        object file
>0x1c           string  OBJ_IDFN
>>(&0.l)        string  >\0             (%s)
>0xc            string  LIB_            library file

0       lelong          0xe1a00000      Acorn
>4      lelong          0xe1a00000
>8      lelong&0xff000000 0xeb000000
>12     lelong&0xff000000 0xeb000000    AIF Executable

For those who don't know, this is used with the Unix "file" tool for
indentifying file formats.

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