make crash

Peter Naulls peter at
Sun Dec 31 10:39:04 PST 2000

I've built the RO tools, cross compiled ok.

All the tools appear to work, apart from make and gperf.

make crashes:

Fatal signal received: Bad system call
A stack backtrace will now follow ...
stack backtrace:

 pc:    14258 sp:   3ef53c ?()
 pc:    141c4 sp:   3ef54c ?()
 pc:  3841f00 sp:   3ef59c
Invalid pc address  3841f00

Register dump:

 a1:    41ee0 a2: cf041ee0 a3:        0 a4:        8 
 v1:       18 v2:        4 v3: fffbe120 v4:        0 
 v5:    41ec8 v6:    35fb8 sl:   3eee70 fp:   3ef5b8 
 ip:    41ee0 sp:   3ef59c lr: 80041ef4 pc: 83841efc 

 pc:     cca4 sp:   3ef5bc ?()
 pc:    35fe8 sp:   3ef5f4 ?()
 pc:    2f7d8 sp:   3ef618 ?()
 pc:    30724 sp:   3eff64 ?()
 pc:    20e54 sp:   3eff80 ?()

It appears to be the call to bcopy in savestring in misc.c

gperf has a similar crash, although I haven't looked at where abouts.


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