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> I've been looking a little closer at the zip code.  Take a look at
> acorn/acornzip.c::set_extra_field().  The RISC OS filetype information
> is dragged in by the SWI_OS_File_5 call.  We need to fixup
> unix/unix.c::set_extra_field() to create a similar data structure
> to that of acornzip.c by scanning the filename for the ,xxx filetype
> suffix.
> Probably a good idea to stay consistent and add the code conditionally
> compiled with CROSS_COMPILE.

Perhaps it would be better to enable that with a flag - that makes it
more reasonable to include into an upstream patch.   If it makes it into
a proper verion, we can include a check in configure for it (and you
could include the other versions you've got in the README too).


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