GCCSDK on Solaris/Sparc

David Marston david.marston at physics.org
Mon Jan 8 11:48:47 PST 2001

David Marston wrote:
> I think we might be best to carry on this conversation tomorrow after
> I've tried linking on my Acorn so we can be sure where the problem is.

OK, I've tried it, and with drlink on the acorn it thinks the libiberty
from the sparc is OK.

With the original as it thinks gcc.o is big-endian, and with my modified
as it says it is corrupt, so I think I need to look at my modifications
again (actually looking at it gcc.o gets 0.4k bigger with my
modifications which I know it shouldn't do).

So that seems to suggest that drlink is reading it wrongly, which I
think probably leaves me at a dead end after I get as working.

I might try persuading libfile to produce big-endian files and see what
happens then, but I've got a feeling that might not be too useful.


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