GCCSDK on Solaris/Sparc

Peter Naulls peter at erble.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 13:47:11 PST 2001

In message <3A6742B3.FD0571F1 at physics.org>
          David Marston <david.marston at physics.org> wrote:

> > I think it's working :-)  It's producing executables anyway, I've got to
> > try running them on a RISC OS machine now though.  I'll let you know if
> > it works tomorrow, and if it does tidy it up a bit and send you the
> > diffs.
> Oh dear :-<
> *gcc
> Internal error: address exception at &00008014

That sometimes happens as a result of not enough wimpslot.

Otherwise, try comparing the headers with the RISC OS GCC and see what's

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