Building gccsdk on cygwin(2)

Nick Burrett nick at
Sat Jan 20 04:13:43 PST 2001

Schaefer <sf at> writes:

> after updating my cygwin installation (win32api was missing), I can now
> successfully configure gccsdk and get the required makefiles.
> However, I still run into compilation problems...
> I am still stuck with compiling as.
> Examples:
> * uint32_t in symbol.h is not defined - should it be?

This declaration comes from the ISO C99 standard. It should be an
unsigned integer 32 bits wide.  The fix is commented out in
because I decided that the `fix' was wrong.  It needs a more complicated
autoconf macro test.

> * ourword in file output.c should be defined in header endiandef.h, but
> isn't. 

This suggests that your C library has neither the endian.h or machine/endian.h
header files.  I know how to fix this, but haven't been around to make
or commit any changes.


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