type conflict in CVS (was: "latest release")

Ian Jeffray ian at jeffray.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 04:37:29 PST 2001

Paul F. Johnson mysteriously bypassed my killfile and wrote:

Firstly - your subject line was crap - CVS is not a "release".

> home/riscos/cross/bin//gcc -O2 -DTARGET_RISCOSAOF -mpoke-function-name -o
> /home/riscos/gccsdk/arm-riscos-aof/gcc-2_95_4/libgpc/apcs26/unixlib/file.o
> -c rts/file.c -I. -I./rts
> rts/file.c:1791 conflicting types for realpath
> home/riscos/cross/include/unixlib/stdlib.h : previous definition
> Anyone else getting that?


It looks like the version in file.c needs a "const" added, then it


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