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Stefan Bellon sbellon at
Wed Jan 2 04:35:32 PST 2002

Nick Burrett <nick at> wrote:
> Stefan Bellon <sbellon at> writes:

> > So, now to the question: How do I start a Perl script from within a
> > program linked against UnixLib?


> Simple answer. You can't.

Ah, that's what I experienced so far.

> Long answer: Applications must be built with the same version of
> UnixLib or the SharedCLibrary.  This is due to occasional changes in
> Unixlib's `struct proc', which older applications won't understand.

I've already feared something like that.

> Hence perl, which is built with a much older UnixLib, will be
> accessing data in the parent's process structure which won't make
> sense, and therefore crash your computer.

Ok, so I have to get the RISC OS Perl maintainer to recompile Perl?



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