A matter of escape

Nick Burrett nick at dsvr.net
Tue Jan 15 03:11:00 PST 2002

Peter Naulls <peter at chocky.org> writes:

> In message <m3g058x70u.fsf at nick.ws.noc.dsvr.net>
>           Nick Burrett <nick at dsvr.net> wrote:
> > I think that Nettle should trap the escape, then later send an Escape
> > signal to whatever application it is running.
> I'm not sure if I understand full what you're saying, but let me
> clarify:
> I don't think Nettle should have much of anything to do with it.
> Remember that this issue equally applies to applications running at F12
> CLI and in regular taskwindows.
> What mechanism are you thinking of?  The only one I know of is inserting
> the current escape character into the input stream - and this brings us
> back to the beginning of the problem.

Don't worry about me. I'm talking rubbish and assuming Nettle is more
than just a terminal emulator.


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