RISC OS line termination

Alex Waugh ajw498 at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 24 03:56:18 PST 2002

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Ian Jeffray wrote:

> John Tytgat wrote:
> > As far as I know RISC OS line termination is ASCII 10 followed by ASCII 13
> > (cfr the output of "*help { > ram:$.out }").  In UnixLib the line endings
> > are most of the times 13 followed by 10.
> >
> > Any objections to change this ?
> YES!  Big objections!    10,13 is a DOSism that is foul and stinks.
> RISC OS is like UNIX and only uses a 10 as a line ending (open up a normal
> textfile/obeyfile in Zap binary mode and you'll see).
> Why do you want to change this behaviour?  Where would you change it
> anyway?    I think this is a *REALLY* bad idea.

I think you have missed the point. When outputting text to a taskwindow,
you *need* to use both CR and LF.
If you just
           use LF then
                      you end up with
                                     text like this.
When writing to a file, only LF is output, as expected.
The 32bit scl changed the order used to LF CR used; previous scl releases
used CR LF.

I agree with John's proposal.



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